heating - Is it possible to recover waste heat from a boiler

I have a System 2000 boiler and hot water tank. When the furnace is firing, the temp of the exhaust through the flue is around 400 degrees. That seems like a horrible waste of heat. Same thing with the dryer. It throws heat right outdoors, which also seems like a waste.

Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems

Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems (FGHRS) take advantage of heat within waste flue gases resulting from the combustion of gas in your boiler. This recovered heat is used to preheat the cold water entering the boiler, thereby lowering the amount of energy needed to warm the water up to the required level.


Energy conversion technologies, where waste heat recovery systems are included, have received significant attention in recent years due to reasons that include depletion of fossil fuel, increasing ...


AIR POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEM (APC) The flue gas from the boilers is collected in a common duct and directed to the air pollution control system. The flue gas is split into two identical treatment trains consisting of an evaporative cooling tower, venture reactor, baghouse and induced draft fan.

Modeling of trigeneration configurations based on biomass

As in the previous components: a gasifier, an internal combustion engine, which is case, waste heat from the heat recovery unit can be used to heat the prime mover of the system; heat exchangers for heat recovery; water at 85 °C for the DHC (configuration 3.1) or to generate addi- a gas clean-up section and an absorption chiller.

apc system consisting of a waste heat to steam heat recovery

The exhaust gases from the kiln containing dust, hydrocarbons etc are burnt in the waste heat recovery Boiler and heat of the gases 2019-8-1 · At DRP 1 & DRP 2, Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRSG) provided to recover the waste heat from rotary kilns for generation of power from the steam produced by WHRSG at the existing CPP.